12000 BTU GE AZ85E12DAC Vertical PTAC Air Conditioner with Electric Heat

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Vertical ptac Packaged terminal air conditioner Vertical Design Optimizes Floor SpaceThe Zoneline Vertical packaged Air Conditioner is GE's newest addition to the Zoneline series. The Zoneline vertical PTAC has a footprint of approximately 24" by 24" and is designed to install in a closet-like corner enclosure. The vertical unit is ducted to provide cooled or heated air comfort to one or more rooms, and is controlled by a wall-mounted thermostat like one found in a home.

General Electric AZ85E12DAC GE Zoneline 12,000 BTU Vertical Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner, Electric Resistance Heat, 208/230 Volts. A GE Vertical Air Conditioner (ZVAC or Vertical PTAC) helps you optimize floor space because the unit is concealed in a closet with an outside wall rather than out in the open. With hidden installation, the room becomes more aesthetically appealing, giving it more of an at-home appearance, with no limitations on furniture placement or window treatment installation. 
Although the Vertical PTAC is still a through-the-wall installation, its footprint is only about 24" x 24" and hidden inside an enclosure which looks like a closet, versus a standard PTAC unit which is installed in the room taking up over 42" of floor space. The ZVAC uses a wall mounted thermostat and has a top air discharge that can be ducted into one or more rooms - perfect for suite set-ups.
The Zoneline Vertical Air Conditioners are available with Electric Resistance Heat or as Heat Pump units. This GE Vertical PTAC features electric heat and offers 11,700 BTUs for cooling with 3 fan speeds.
With your choice of power connection kits, you choose the amount of heat resistance needed for your application. A power connection kit is required for this unit and they are available in 3 sizes - 15, 20 and 30 amps.
  • Excellent efficiency and dehumidification
  • Unique sleeve design for easier installation and service
  • Three-way slide out chassis for service and maintenance flexibility
  • Electronic Temperature Limiting (requires room air temperature accessory - RAVRMS)
  • Freeze Sentinel (requires room air temperature accessory kit - RAVRMS): Protects unoccupied rooms against freeze-up.
  • Constant ON fan (required in nursing homes in some states)
  • Permanently Lubricated Fan Motors
  • Standard Size Air Filter (Field Supplied)
  • Central Desk Control Capability
  • Occupancy Sensor Interface
  • HI and LOW fan speeds controlled by remote thermostat
  • 3-Speed Indoor Fan Motor for selectable HI and LOW speeds
  • Corrosion Protection Treatment Standard: Metal components are protected against corrosive environments - specifically coastal regions. The outdoor coil, entire base pan and other components are coated and protected.
  • Slinger Ring Condensate Removal
  • Indoor Frost Control
  • Automatic Compressor Random Restart
  • Compressor Restart Delay
230/208 Volts

Line   Cord

Power Connection




Heater kW




Heater Amps




Minimum Circuit




15 Amp
Time Delay
Fuse or Breaker
20 Amp
Time Delay
Fuse or Breaker
30 Amp
Time Delay
Fuse or Breaker