9000 BTU Soleus Air SGPTAC0912HPDA PTAC Air Conditioner Heat Pump

List price: $899.00

9000 BTU Soleus Air PTAC Air Conditioner with Heat Pump, Electric Heat Backup, 10.5 EER, R-410A Refrigerant, 3 Fan Speeds and 24 Hours Timer

Soleus Air SGPTAC0912HPDA PTAC Air Conditioner Heat Pump

  • Intelligence
  • Your Premium unit has an on board computer that utilizes real time diagnostics to prolong the life of your unit.
  • Memory
  • If power is lost, all of the control settings (setpoint, mode, fan speed, on/off and configuration) are remembered.
  • So when power is restored, the unit will start back up in the mode (and configuration) it was in, when power was lost.
  • Premium Sound
  • Random Compressor Restart
  • Compressor Protection
  • Automatic Room Freeze Protection
  • Automatically will keep the temperature in the room from getting too cold, where water pipes might freeze.
  • Automatic Defrost Protection (For Heat Pump Models Only)
  • When the outdoor temperature gets too cold (approx. 35°F) and the unit can no longer effectively heat with the compressor, the unit will automatically switch to electric heating.
  • The unit will then heat with electric heat until the outside temperature rises enough (approx. 40°F), so the compressor can be used again.
  • Automatic Quick Warm-Up (For Heat Pump Models Only)
  • If the room temperature falls to 5°F below the set point temperature, the reverse cycle heat is shut off.
  • And the electric strip heat is turned on for one cycle, until heating is satisfied.
  • LED Indicators and Buttons
  • Configure Fan To Optimize Selected Application
  • Unit can be optimized to selected application by configuring the fan to run in continuous mode or cycle on and off with the compressor and electric heater (can be different for both heating and cooling modes).
  • Unit Configuration
  • There are many different configuration possibilities, through both dip switches and the digital keypad, that allow you to configure the unit for your exact application.
  • °F or °C
  • The unit can display in either °F or °C.
  • Indoor Temperature Sensor Biasing
  • Optimize the room temperature sensor reading to your exact application (one for cooling and another for heating).
  • Emergency Heat (For Heat Pump Only)
  • Disable the compressor during heating mode operation (heat only with Electric Heat).
  • Display Setpoint Or Room Temperature
  • The unit can be configured to display the room temperature OR setpoint only, during heating and cooling modes.
  • Limit The Setpoint Range
  • The unit can be configured to limit the controlling setpoint range.
  • The display will always show the complete setpoint range, but the controlling setpoint will be limited to the configured minimum and maximum setpoint selected.
BTU: 9,000 BTU
EER: 11.3/11.4
Dehumidification: 50.4 Pints/Day
Airflow (High/Med/Low): 530/500/470 CFM
Noise Level (High/Med/Low): 51/50/49 dB(A)
Refrigerant: R410A
Voltage: 230/208V; 60HZ
Amps - Cooling: 3.9/3.7 Amps
Amps - Heating: 3.8/3.4 Amps
Amps - Electric Heat: 12.2/13.2 Amps
Watts - Cooling: 770/800 Watts
Watts - Heating: 700/720 Watts
Watts - Electric Heat: 2,452/3,000 Watts
Dimensions and Weights
Overall Width: 42"
Overall Depth: 21 3/4"
Overall Height: 16"
Product Weight: 106 Lbs.
Shipping Weight: 131 Lbs.