ARCO ----- Ethylene Fruit and Vegetable Ripening Generators

ARCO & ULTRA IV Ethylene Generators

  • Output rate may be varied from as low as one quart in 30 hours to as high as one quart in 6 hours (5 quarts in 30 hours). Ripen to suit your needs and conditions.
  • Selection of ripening methods with one and the same generator. Eliminates the need for different generators to handle different types of produce, or for day to day and seasonal variations.
  • ARCO Generator is equipped with a one quart reservoir.
  • ULTRA IV Generator is equipped with a six quart reservoir, ideal for larger rooms.
  • Easy to use. Indicator lights for power, output and heater tell you at glance from a distance that the unit is working properly.
  • State-of-the-art design and components.
  • Quality construction means reliable operation.
  • Eight foot power cord.
  • Wall mounting.
  • Automatically switches off at the end of selected cycle.
  • No annual lease payment with qualifying purchases of concentrate (US only).
  • 110 volt and 220 volt available.
  • TUV makes regular field visits to our lab to examine the design, manufacture and components of our units.