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With a new air-conditioning heat pump or furnace you can enjoy the cost savings that come from increased energy efficiency year after year.

Expert information and advice

Most consumers may not know what air-conditioning products to buy or whom  to call to install them. That's why we're here to help you choose the right system.


When you have the right air-conditioning system, you'll enjoy:

  • Increased energy efficiency 
  • Cost savings before and after the purchase 
  • Installation by a qualified contractor  
  • Confidence that you made the right decision 
  • The good feeling that comes from helping improve the environment 
  • A more comfortable home and living space


How to determine what you need

If you are considering replacing an existing system and just want to research prices and options on your own, you can shop our online store. The very first thing you will need to determine is what size system is required. Air conditioning and heat pump system capacities are offered in what is referred to as "tonnage". You will see 1.5 through 5.0 "ton" systems listed on our site. If your existing system is properly sized for your home, you can shop using the sizing of your existing system.

The best way to determine what you have now is to look at the outdoor unit. There is a plate or sticker attached to it, usually toward the bottom where a set of copper pipes connects to the unit. The size (tonnage) is never listed on the unit but the model number will usually tell what size is in place now. The tonnage, or capacity of the system is coded in the model number. Somewhere within the model number (NOT the serial number), look for the following numbers: 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, or 60

18 = 1.5 tons 
24 = 2.0 tons 
30 = 2.5 tons 
36 = 3.0 tons 
42 = 3.5 tons 
48 = 4.0 tons 
60 = 5.0 tons

If you can't read the model number due to wear on the plate, there are several other options. Call your existing service company to see if they have a record of the size. If there is no record of the size, then try asking a neighbor who has a home very similar in size and construction to yours if they know what size system they have. If they have already replaced their system view the model number from their outdoor unit plate.

Air Conditioner sizing chart