Indoor Air Quality

Ordinary furnace filters provide some cleaning protection for your heating and cooling system, but they don’t do much to improve indoor air quality. Eco Equipment USA air cleaners filter microscopic particles and allergens to help make your home a better place to breathe. We offers a variety of whole-house air cleaners for you to choose, including models that are renewable or replaceable. Renewable Air Cleaners have a filter that only needs to be washed about once a year, with no replacement filters ever needed to be bought or thrown away. Replaceable Air Cleaners are made of a cartridge which holds an air filter which needs to be replaced one to two times per year. Whatever your particular situation, we have the right solution for you.

20x25 Electronic Air Cleaner Goodman ASAS-18


List Price: $711.00
Sale Price: $489.00
Aprilaire 2200 Air Filter

  • Replaces Aprilaire model 2200 Media Air Cleaner
  • Traps & removes 98% of visible airborne dust...

    List Price: $277.00Sale Price: $197.00
Aprilaire Flow Thru Humidifier


  • One Aprilaire model 600 Humidifier
  • One Humidistat Control...

    List Price: $311.00Sale Price: $249.00
Dustfree UV Light Stick

List Price: $260.00Sale Price: $189.00
Dustfree UV Versalight

Ultraviolet air purifier ...

List Price: $678.00
Sale Price: $449.00
Trion 707U Humidifier

The 707U centrifugal atomizing humidifier is installed onto the return duct, through the wall, or as a freestanding unit that introduces water vapor...

List Price: $299.00Sale Price: $229.00
Trion Air Bear 3 Pack 20x25 media air filters 255649-102


List Price: $111.00Sale Price: $78.00
Trion Air Bear Right Angle 20x25 media air cleaner 447380-002


List Price: $301.00Sale Price: $235.00
Trion Air Bear Supreme 16x25 media air cleaner 455602-119


List Price: $236.00Sale Price: $179.00
Trion Air Bear Supreme 20x25 media air cleaner 455602-019


List Price: $236.00Sale Price: $179.00
Trion HE Plus 1400 16x25 Electronic Air Cleaner 455601-001C


List Price: $431.00Sale Price: $339.00
Trion HE Plus 2000 20x25 Electronic Air Cleaner 455600-001


List Price: $429.00Sale Price: $349.00