Bosch Aquastar Therm and Greentherm Tankless Water Heaters

bosch tankless water heater therm 1050 1210 es

Bosch Greentherm C 1050 ES NG 10.5 GPM 199000 BTU Condensing Natural Gas

Condensing technology with 96% efficiency and ENERGY STAR rating Greentherm C 1050 ES has Energy Factor to 0.94, and this tankless water heater is equipped with an automated and fully...

List Price: $1,855.00Sale Price: $1,389.00
Bosch Greentherm C 950 ES NG 9.5 GPM 175000 BTU Condensing Natural Gas

bosch greentherm c 950 es tankless water heater Condensing technology with 94%...

List Price: $1,492.00Sale Price: $1,245.00
Bosch Therm 830 ES NG 8.3 GPM 175000 BTU Non Condensing Natural Gas

bosch therm 830 tankless water heaterFeatures an electronic ignition system and...

List Price: $1,164.00Sale Price: $989.00
Bosch Therm 940 ES NG 9.4 GPM 199000 BTU Non Condensing Natural Gas

bosch therm 940 es gas tankless water heaterHighest capacity non-condensing model was...

List Price: $1,349.00Sale Price: $1,049.00
Bosch Therm 940 ESO NG 9.4 GPM 199000 BTU Outdoor Natural Gas

Bosch tankless therm 940 eso water heaterOUTDOOR...

List Price: $1,311.00Sale Price: $1,195.00
Bosch Therm C 1210 ES NG 12.1 GPM 225000 BTU Condensing Natural Gas

bosch therm c 1210 es ng Highest performance fully condensing gas tankless water heater...

List Price: $2,503.00Sale Price: $1,949.00
Bosch Therm C 1210 ESC NG 12.1 GPM Commercial Condensing Natural Gas

Bosch Therm C 1210 ESC NGHighest performance fully condensing gas tankless water heater...

List Price: $2,680.00Sale Price: $2,048.00


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Introducing Bosch Therm. Our newest line of tankless water heaters.

This expanded and advanced line includes the most efficient condensing and

non-condensing tankless water heaters on the market with more compact models and

greater installation versatility to satisfy every possible residential and light commercial applications.

Bosch tankless water heaters activate only when there’s a request for hot water, cutting out needless energy consumption and reducing household water heating bills up to 50%.

Bosch Tankless is also designed to last and give our landfills a break. Made from durable copper, steel and aluminum parts, with nothing to rust or collect sediment, these units have twice the average lifespan of traditional tank-style water heaters. And they’re right in line with today’s demanding “Green Building” practices.

Small, light and easy to install, they’re perfect for new construction, renovations or additions. Bosch water heaters hang right on the wall to save valuable living space. Plus, they deliver an endless supply of hot water; something that anyone who has experienced an unexpected cold shower can relate to.

In a gas tankless unit, a gas burner is utilized to heat the water. Gas powered systems are fuelled by propane or natural gas. To operate one of these units, you'll need a gas line running through your home to where the water heater will be installed. It can easily provide endless hot water for one or more major application at a time.

Electric Tronic tankless water heaters heat the water as it passes over an electrical element. To run an electric tankless water heater, you will need to have it hardwired to your circuit breaker/electrical panel. Although, electric tankless water heaters are less expensive to purchase and operate, they typically have less capacity, which makes them less practical for large families or households that consume large amounts of hot water at one time.

Tax Rebates & Incentives

Energy Efficient Bosch Water Heaters Can Save You Money On Your Taxes In Addition To Year-Round Savings on Your Energy Bill. Now is the time to take advantage of this special opportunity.  These incentives along with state & local utility company rebates, help lower your investment now, and provde ongoing energy savings of up to 50% on monthly utilitys bills.

bosch therm c 1050 esEndless Supply of Instant Hot Water  Tankless water heaterEnjoy Huge Savings on Your Energy Bills

bosch thermLifespan twice as long as conventional heaters  bosch c 1210 esNo Holding Tank means you save valuable space