Trion Air Bear Right Angle 20x25 media air cleaner 447380-002

SKU: 16877
List price: $301.00
 Trion's Air Bear Right Angle is directly mounted to a home's heating and cooling system. With its built-in ductwork, it is the ideal solution for installation situations that normally require a 90 degree duct adapter. Compared to competitive products with 90 degree turns, the unit typically installs in 6-8 inches less space, making it ideal for basement applications. What's more, Trion Air Bear whole-house media air cleaners are much more efficient than ordinary furnace filters. Featuring radial pleating and an omnidirectional airflow design, the non-woven, pleated Air Bear media filter traps particles as small as one micron, capturing the smaller, invisible particles that standard filters miss. This is a genuine Trion product. 


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