Warranty Claim Process

Eco Equipment USA backs all of the stated Manufacturer Warranty for parts, in the event you are not able to obtain one within your area. Please follow the procedures and steps outlined below in order for us to process your request.


      1. Pre-Authorization

  • Contact Eco Equipment USA, either by calling 612-803-3456 or send an email to admin@ecoequipmentusa.com. Please be ready to provide us with the name of the purchaser and the purchase invoice number.


2. Diagnosis

  • In order to fulfill warranty claims, all warranty parts must be shipped to Eco Equipment USA and accompanied by a service ticket on company letterhead, stating the diagnosis for the defective part.


3. Shipping

  • Inbound Shipping to Eco Equipment USA of the defective part will be the responsibility of the customer. Outbound Shipping of the replacement part is covered by Eco Equipment USA only if it is ordered within 30 days of the original purchase.


4. Warranty Exchange

  • If the faulty part is sent to Eco Equipment USA with the appropriate documentation we are able to exchange the replacement part at no charge. Warranty parts can only be exchanged for like-kind parts. No cash credits are issued.


5. Warranty Part Purchase

  • If you need the part prior to the return of the faulty one, you may do so by following the steps outlined below.
    1. You will place your order with an Eco Equipment USA Sales Technician. Credit card payments only and all part orders are non-returnable.
    2. Eco Equipment USA will email or fax a Warranty Invoice for you to sign and fax back to us.
    3. Once we have received your signed Warranty Invoice, we will order the part from our local vendor and ship as soon as the part is received.
    4. You will have approximately 15 days from the date of the shipment of the replacement part to return the faulty part for credit. In order for Eco Equipment USA to process the credit, the faulty part must be accompanied by the appropriate documentation and accepted by our supplier as meeting the manufacturer criteria.


6. Part Purchases / Expired Warranty

  • Eco Equipment USA does not sell parts to the general public. If you purchased your equipment from Eco Equipment USA and are unable to obtain the part locally, you can purchase parts that we have available from our supplier. Under no circumstances will Eco Equipment USA be held responsible for the application or installation of these parts and they must be prepaid, including shipping, prior to placing the order with our supplier.


7. Exclusions

  • All products are covered under the manufacturer warranty and by Eco Equipment USA.


8. Accessory Items Warranty

Air Quality and Thermostat Purchases are covered by the Limited Manufacturer Warranty identified on the appropriate Product Page.